Coroner claims woman overdosed on cannabis, scientists call bullshit


Within the historical past of human existence there isn’t a single scrap of peer-reviewed, verified proof supporting the concept it’s doable to overdose on hashish. But, someway, a coroner from Louisiana claims to be 100-percent optimistic {that a} 39-year-old lady’s develop into the primary to take action.

His reasoning? She had THC in her system and his crew couldn’t give you some other explanations for her dying.

The physician in query, Christy Montegut, instructed The New Orleans Advocate:

It regarded prefer it was all THC as a result of her post-mortem confirmed no bodily illness or afflictions that had been the reason for dying. There was nothing else recognized within the toxicology — no different medicine, no alcohol. There was nothing else … I’m pondering this girl will need to have vaped this THC oil and bought a excessive stage in her system and (it) made her cease respiration, like a respiratory failure.

Let’s begin with how a lot THC the girl consumed. The coroner‘s report signifies she had 8.four nanograms of THC in her system. In technical phrases, meaning she would have consumed sufficient hashish to place her at greater than 4 occasions the quantity specialists say would impair her capacity to drive.

For comparability, Creator David Schmader’s e-book “Weed: The Person’s Information” explains why concluding a THC overdose was the only real explanation for dying is definitely a foolish notion. He wrote:

Even aspirin can kill you for those who take an excessive amount of, however a deadly dose of marijuana would require ingestion of fifteen hundred kilos in fifteen minutes — a bodily impossibility for any human, even Snoop Dogg

And, let’s be clear right here: vaping 8.four nanograms of hashish isn’t precisely a Herculean effort for heavy hashish customers. We aren’t speaking about somebody doing one thing extraordinary like smoking 100 joints in a row or consuming a kilo of leaf.

So, even a cursory look on the myriad research each previous and up to date ought to inform any reporting doctor that it’s ridiculous to make a “100-percent optimistic” declaration that somebody’s the primary particular person in recorded historical past to OD on hashish.

However let’s faux, only for a second, that somebody may die from an overdose of THC. What would that truly imply?

In keeping with Keith Humphreys, a former senior coverage adviser on the White Home Workplace of Nationwide Drug Management Coverage, it could be an astounding statistical anomaly. He instructed The New Orleans Advocate:

We all know from actually good survey information that Individuals use hashish merchandise billions of occasions a yr, collectively. Not thousands and thousands of occasions, however billions of occasions a yr. So, that implies that if the danger of dying was one in 1,000,000, we’d have a pair thousand hashish overdose deaths a yr.

This isn’t the primary time somebody’s claimed that hashish is lethal – this sort of rhetoric pops up each few months or so. However often, it’s the media sensationalizing a small declare made by a analysis group. In others, scientists attempt to move off analysis on artificial cannbanoid compounds as genuine research on pure hashish. And the scientific group instantly debunks every declare. As a result of precise scientific rigor issues.

It’s past the pale that this coroner mainly guessed that THC “should” have been answerable for this lady’s dying as a result of it was the one drug current in her system. The Advocate stories she’d visited an emergency room to deal with a chest an infection within the days earlier than her dying.

Whether or not the an infection contributed to her dying stays unknown. As a substitute of investigating additional, Montegut’s turned this lady’s dying right into a controversial story claiming he’s found a historic medical first. He hasn’t. 


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